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Leaders Up Case Study

Recruiting top-quality talent can be a daunting task, especially for large companies that have a constant need for new recruits. This complexity gets multiplied when dealing with four different types of stakeholders in the recruitment process.

So how can a single website meet all these expectations to the Later? Our experience with LeadersUp shows how.

LeadersUp was established by the Starbucks Coffee Company and its suppliers to handle their recruitment process; the company hired JD sofftech to replace its website with one that adequately meets the needs of its stakeholder types: Young adults, Impact partners, Employers, Employee communities

We needed to develop a site with features that addresses the unique needs of these four user groups. The result is a digital hub of resources for young adults looking for work, business leaders who need recruitment services, partner advocates and surrounding communities.

Our Process

When LeadersUp approached us, they already had a website in place. This website, however, didn’t quite speak to stakeholders, leaving some members of the target audience out of the brand’s value statement. During our initial project discovery phase, we realized that the LeadersUp homepage would have to quickly pivot towards one of the four stakeholder types to offer audience-specific information.

As a result, we went with a brief homepage design focusing on a video background that reinforces brand value. From that point, users are encouraged to click on the link that best represents their interests: recruiting, impact, employer or community information.

We held bi-weekly meetings with LeadersUp over a period of three months to keep our work in line with the company’s goals. Each of the four main pages underwent significant design iterations before being finalized with a polished page design that offered matched corporate branding at every point of contact.

Importantly, LeadersUp is more than a recruitment service for Starbucks. It integrates with communities in order to bridge the gap between youth unemployment and opportunity division. Our site needed to make it clear that LeadersUp invests itself in giving young adults the tools and opportunities they need to succeed in rewarding careers.

Challenges We Faced

The primary challenge was developing an organized and attractive portal for four different audiences purely through website design.

In order to present and reinforce the value statement of LeadersUp, we had to design a video-heavy website that prefers showing results instead of talking about them. By addressing users primarily through video, we were able to generate interest in all of the four audiences the website addresses.

We designed the individual pages to be highly customizable; WordPress Page Builder was our tool of choice. This gave us the opportunity to drive home the company’s activities through a set of well-written case studies and incorporate them seamlessly into the finished site.

In order to accomplish this, we had to create custom plug-ins to manage case studies as well as other site-specific functions such as city-specific resources and news on the brand’s various developments.

What We Learned

This project presented us with some unique challenges, and we came out of it with new insight on important subjects. We learned how to best customize WordPress to speak to separate target audiences in an effective, efficient way.

We honed our design processes to put branding on the center stage and to get important messages across through video when text content would only bog down the process. Now, site visitors can immediately get to the content they’re looking for while seeing it in action as soon as the page opens.


LeadersUp remained in close contact with us during the development process. When the site was ready, we received spectacular feedback from the entire team—including company president Jeffery T.D. Wallace.

In the end, the company was happy enough with the result that they asked us to stay onboard for monthly website maintenance and updates. Together, we solidified a rewarding partnership for both LeadersUp and JD Softtech.

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