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Cavo Case Study

Many businesses choose to hire professional web designers when they have large projects, but does a boutique web design agency deliver results when it comes to small projects? This is what Canadian real estate developer Cavo set out to discover when they hired us to create a presentation site for a condo construction project.

As a content-light presentation site encouraging prospective tenants to make contact, there was no need to dizzy visitors with complex extensions or extra functionality. Cavo needed a simple, minimalist design that would hit home and get users interested in their condos.

Our Process

As one of our first international projects, we were excited to spend some time discovering the Cavo brand and finding out how it sits within the larger scope of the Canadian multi-family real estate market. The company had an existing 5-page website, but it was bulky and difficult to use. Our team saw a chance to simplify their value proposition by incorporating all their pages into a single long-form scrolling page.

Cavo’s leadership thought the idea was great, so we quickly set to work on determining the specifics of the design. To best address the needs of prospective tenants, we suggested the following section order:

  • Home (with high-resolution photographs and an email sign-up field)
  • Interior
  • Location
  • Exterior
  • Site Plan/Floor Plans
  • Our Team
  • Blog
  • Contact

Naturally, it felt like any prospective tenant would first be interested in seeing some apartment interiors, so we filled this section with actual photographs of Cavo’s vacant rooms and some of the amenities the company offers.

As real estate professionals always say, the three most important things on any home-buyers mind are “location, location and location?. This is why we immediately followed up the Interior section with a short primer on the city of Yellowknife and the Niven Lake area in particular. After this, we followed with exterior photographs and features, the building’s floor plans and the team behind construction.

Challenges We Faced

The most significant challenge with this site was finding an attractive way to include all of the company’s information on a single page without overwhelming the user. The trendy scrolling page style was key here, along with the top bar navigation that allows users to skip directly to whatever section interests them most.

The foundation framework for this project was new to us, but our team was able to quickly develop solutions to meet Cavo’s needs.

What We Learned

The main take away from this project was the idea that a successful website doesn’t need to be the most sophisticated or advanced around. When it comes to showcasing items in fields like real estate, a clean, minimalist design can serve clients’ best interests excellently.

We learned how to put these ideas and concepts into practice through design. The end result is a simple, powerful presentation site that performs better than just throwing an existing template on Wordpress and hoping for the best.


Cavo’s team was very happy with the results we achieved. Since the site launch in 2015, it has achieved its goal of obtaining nearly full occupancy for the Yellowknife condominium property, showing that in some cases, less truly is more.

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