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TaskMe Case Study

How does a boutique web design agency with teams located on two continents deliver results on-budget and on-time? The best way is through a powerful customized management platform, and this is precisely why we created TaskMe. This is the web-based project management platform we use to manage orders for our clients in a flexible, organized manner.

Since the core of the JD Softtech development team resides in India, our leadership in Boston, MA needed a robust and reliable project management platform for delegating daily tasks, managing workloads and respecting project deadlines. We developed TaskMe for this purpose and used it as a springboard for all of our subsequent customized project management web platform products.

For JD Softtech to offer a competitive edge in this tough market, we needed an all-in-one management solution that let us:

  • Manage individual projects and team member assignments.
  • Create project-specific timelines.
  • Manage and assign daily tasks to meet client deadlines.
  • Oversee expenses, team member attendance and leave requests.
  • Provide a reliable means of instant communication across continents and time zones.

Our Process

The discovery phase of this project involved holding regular meetings with the entire JD Softtech team in order to determine which features we need and how they could best be implemented. Since we were operating without a customized management web platform, these meetings were held in person—something we couldn’t expect to do with every web client we work with.

Some of the additional features that came out of these meetings include the automation of data entry tasks and the creation of client accounts. Automated data entry is part of what makes TaskMe such an effective time- and money-saving tool—without it, our team would be spending more time inputting data than actually developing projects with it.

By creating special client accounts, we are able to offer a degree of transparency that few web design agencies match. Our clients are able to view the daily progress of their project through TaskMe, access project-specific documents and communicate with JD Softtech on a seamless, integrated platform.

Challenges We Faced

In the beginning, we were not entirely sure which features were truly necessary for achieving our goals for this project and which were of secondary importance. One of the main challenges was deciding what functions were crucial, and which could be left out—otherwise, we could easily end up with a top-heavy application that was powerful but unwieldy.

Fortunately, the process of developing this application gave us a unique insight into the client mentality present in these projects. We needed to find a common ground between functionality and integration.

Since we developed this application for our own internal use, our individual team members had a great deal of say when it came to custom features and accessibility. This quickly surpassed the capability of our previous project management solution, and we found ourselves truly in need of the functions that we were talking about implementing.

Ultimately, we developed a solution that is both streamlined and robust—offering a wide array of project-specific options while maintaining a task-focused layout throughout.

What We Learned

Putting our leadership in the client position gave us a great degree of insight into how our team needs to perform on future projects. While we have a significant degree of experience developing business-platform web apps, we had not yet put ourselves in the driver’s seat of a project to see how our approach responds to client needs.

This project allowed us to see these results first-hand and to develop solutions for each obstacle encountered along the way. This is why we decided to combine the software’s two fundamental functions, office management and project management into a single platform.

Having overseen a project to completion, we could now understand the client perspective better. Even now TaskMe is one of the first products to show potential clients in order to illustrate the power of our custom web application development services.


We use TaskMe every day, as do our clients. In terms of pure business efficiency, the results have been astounding. Our clients are impressed with the level of transparency we are able to offer them—being kept in the loop about every development on their project is a huge relief.

At the same time, we’ve been able to complete a far greater number of projects within timeframes that were simply not possible before implementing TaskMe. Nearly every aspect of our business structure has been improved either directly or indirectly through TaskMe functionality, and creating it gave us a unique outlook on the development experience we seek to offer clients.

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