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Does your agency or consultancy need professional web design and development services? We help offset heavy workloads for our partners—learn more here!

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Partner With Us: Domestic Quality at International Rates

Is your agency or consultancy lagging behind on delivering web projects? Do you have a revision-happy client who is slowing down production across the board?

We can help.

JD Softtech has years of experience producing high quality web-based experiences, and we're well-suited to partnerships with agencies and consultancies who need to address large workloads but don't have the resources on-hand to hire help.

For many web and marketing agencies under pressure, our boutique web design and development services comes in and saves the day. Because we work quickly, agencies who rely on us for ad hoc development projects are able to meet challenging deadlines with ease.

Instead of hiring additional help (and paying an additional year-round salary), you get the service of an entire achievement-focused web development team only when you need it.

With our resources, we can offer big-league results with offshore prices and timeframes.If you're ready to save, Partner With Us: Enjoy combined onshore management/offshore development that gives you the best of both worlds.


So how does it work?

As everyone knows, India is a global leader when it comes to inexpensive web development. However, the race to provide ever-lower prices has taken a toll on the majority of Indian work quality, discouraging US agencies from enjoying the reduced costs of offshore development.

JD Softtech turns this obstacle into an advantage by utilizing two offices: a Boston-based main office that manages projects and interfaces with clients, and a world-class development center in Ahmedabad, India, the third fastest-growing city in the world according to Forbes.

By enabling our highly professional Indian staff to benefit from decisive US leadership, we're able to deliver top-quality custom websites and web applications at prices far below what the domestic equivalent would be. This is how our clients and partners get onshore development services at offshore rates: courtesy of JD Softtech.

Why Partner With Us?

We offer a number of unique benefits to businesses who choose us as their preferred web developers. These benefits multiply for web design agencies who rely on us for delivering professional web development services. As part of a long-term development agreement with JD Softtech, you can enjoy:

How We Work

Our simple approach to quality output



Share your brilliant ideas with our project manager, the co-founder of our company. You'll be given access to our project management platform and be able to see the project unfold in real-time.

Project Manager

Project Manager

Our co-founder coordinates your project from our local office in Boston, MA. All of your project updates will come from here, giving you a local point of contact operating within normal US business hours.



Our expert developers and designers will complete individual tasks within the "TaskMe" project management system we've designed. You'll see each step of your web project take place through our expertly managed offshore team.